1. Art is either a ......

  2. 23th Patristic Turbo
    ...Of Tanz Victims

  3. Retraction

  4. Aversion

  5. Amaryatvā

  6. Step Into The Light, Lazarus
    Peter Wullen

  7. La puissance de l'imprévisible

  8. La mécanique des territoires

  9. BlackGoat

  10. Dossier Bordeaux 2017 Live
    Echowired / Tallìnn / Birtawil / Madame Patate

  11. quelquechose II
    Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg

  12. Hopeless
    M.NOMIZED & De Fabriek

  13. Commando Animos
    Jean-Pierre Espil

  14. Bury In Amnesia
    German Army

  15. I Am Not To Be Denied
    Cruel When Complete


  17. Immaterialos
    Pascal Bouchet Asselah

  18. darker, then normal
    m. karo (schlafengarten)

  19. Calligraphy
    Tibetan Red

  20. Vortex Route

  21. Dossier Bordeaux 2017
    Various Artists

  22. Where the Latex Meets the Asphalt
    Mystery Hearsay

  23. Petite Cuillèrisé
    Laurent Dolcino

  24. Vozduh

  25. Rien Ni Personne ~volume II & III
    Various Artists

  26. pan ces hav
    Big City Orchestra

  27. The Sense Of Sounds Consented 2 : Micromixes 1998-2014
    Rafael Flores

  28. The Wolf Hour (Live 1984)
    Hunting Lodge

  29. t.r.i.p.

  30. Deep Greek
    Smell & Quim + Dachise

  31. Amoureux du temps qui passe
    Martial Bécheau

  32. Pure 1.01
    Rag Dun

  33. Half Dead Ganja Music
    Vox Populi!

  34. Into the Damaged Brain of a Diving Man
    Internal Fusion

  35. A Brief Pause
    Another Headache

  36. Forgotten Monuments
    Daniele Ciullini

  37. Psychotic Session

  38. Kala-Nath

  39. A Farewell To Florian
    Mandible Chatter

  40. Black Friday
    Gen Ken Montgomery

  41. So I Painted My Hands Orange
    Life Garden

  42. Very Stereo
    benjamin MiNiMuM

  43. Out of the Messy Underground
    Mourning Elektra Slangwitch

  44. Sine of the X
    Mystery X

  45. Rien Ni Personne ~a french compilation
    Various Artists

  46. Identità Sonora
    Daniele Ciullini

  47. System Broken

  48. 2005 Breaks

  49. Vapour Unwinds The Dolls
    Phallus Dei

  50. Liberation of the Self
    Alien Vegan Sect

  51. Upheaval 83
    Arvo Zylo

  52. Prima Musica
    Phaeton Dernière Danse

  53. Solo Concerts
    Riccardo Sinigaglia

  54. Kingdom Will Come !!!

  55. Insomnia
    Human Head Transplant

  56. Hic Et Ubique Uno Animo
    Human Head Transplant

  57. A First Second

  58. Abneurophonies (Musiques de l'en-delà)
    Abneurone Traumaccord

  59. Music from the Scourging Ground
    Controlled Bleeding

  60. Mondo Cosmico

  61. Firmament

  62. Live in London
    Sudden Infant & Z'EV

  63. Strategies of Deviance
    Richard Ramirez

  64. Th Myst

  65. Live at 'La Salamandre'
    Bourbonese Qualk

  66. Temps Lumineux
    Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide

  67. Industrial Bruitism
    No Way Out

  68. Sound Recycling Terminal (Again)
    Daniele Ciullini

  69. Erebos
    Entre Vifs

  70. Les Chroniques de MP
    Moments Présents

  71. Beatlerape (20th Anniversary Edition)
    Big City Orchestra

  72. The Black Album

  73. The Black Light
    Lyke Wake

  74. Self Portrait In Miniature
    Birds of Tin

  75. Live @ De Appel, November 2nd 2002

  76. Narrative Spaces
    Tibetan Red

  77. Dans Le Souffle

  78. Kweye
    Maybe Mental

  79. Amarillo
    Conrad Schnitzler & Doc Wör Mirrran

  80. Live at Cage100, Leipzig, 2012
    Das Synthetische Mischgewebe

  81. Eosia
    La Sonorité Jaune

  82. LoFi Extras
    Mission Papua Holland

  83. Batan Bruits II
    Miguel A. Ruiz

  84. Eternity Plus One (1992)

  85. No Fats, No Fems, Uncut (1990)
    Balance Of Terror (aka Minóy)

  86. L'Ombre
    Internal Fusion

  87. Spewed!
    Doc Wör Mirran

  88. Penumbra Auricular
    Javier Hernando

  89. Aither +
    Vox Populi!

  90. Stuhlgangblockaden
    Rudolf Eb.er with Various Artists

  91. Bouffe!
    Big City Orchestra

  92. quelquechose
    Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg

  93. Scanning
    Tibetan Red

  94. Myasic / Vinhilation
    Hands To

  95. The Woolly Mammoth Tapes (1989)
    Dan Joseph

  96. Kyoto 6 Protokoll

  97. Death Ranch / Crawling With Tarts
    Crawling With Tarts / Death Ranch

  98. Sanzagaike
    Hiroshi Hasegawa

  99. This is a piece for Tristan Koreya's netlabel Nostalgie de la boue
    Achim Wollscheid

  100. Hybryds versus Weydas
    Hybryds & Weydas

  101. tapeOTO
    John Hudak

  102. Ébats Spirituels
    VOX PoPuLi! / VOX 231

  103. clones of megan

  104. Live, Le Batofar, Paris 23 September 2011 (Extract)

  105. The Inevitability Of Transformation
    Illusion Of Safety

  106. I'll Show You The Life Of The Mind!
    Eric Lunde

  107. Ab-rupt
    Laurent Pernice

  108. Organ Life (Extended)
    If, Bwana

  109. Returnal
    Kaiser Nietzsche

  110. Masse Critique
    In Aeternam Vale

  111. Ambujalah
    W. David Oliphant

  112. Dark Matter Technology
    Randy Greif

  113. MAMA, Study Of A Human Tongue
    IOSS (Jos Smolders)

  114. 2 Opus Pour Dînette & Cuisinière
    Lieutenant Caramel

  115. Toyland
    Mortification To The Flesh

  116. End Print
    Rainier Lericolais

  117. Colorful Memories
    The Colors Thieves

  118. Thrill Pictures (Condensed)

  119. Torsion - Resistance - Siberiade
    Le Syndicat MMX

  120. Scuffle
    Pacific 231

  121. Nereids
    Big City Orchestra

  122. Abandon

  123. Clici-Clic 1992
    The Haters

  124. This Is The Punchline
    Not Half


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