by W. David Oliphant

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" Tristan assembled this collection of my work after listening to the tracks I have been posting on line to various sonic websites over the last 4 years. This is the first time I have released an 'album' that I did not organize, sequence and have complete control over. I found his choices intriguing and very different from what I would have done myself. The result here is one that I am very happy with.

A little background. As a very young child sound became my greatest mental and emotional escape. First with 'radio' stories and their wonderful soundscapes/sound effects in the late 50's and early 60's, then with music of every kind into the late 70's. In grade school (1965-1970) I was very fortunate to have a music teacher that thought it equally important to teach us about classical composers and 20th century composers such as Morton Subotnick. My experience when listening to sound has always included an internal movie; I have a bit of synesthesia with sound and vision...

By the late 70's I began experimenting with 'found sounds' AKA 'field recordings', tape loops, tv recordings, primitive home made instruments and 'found percussion' (pots and pans...),a variable speed reel to reel tape recorder and overdubbing using one cassette deck with the reel to reel. Shortly after this I had the good fortune to take an independent electronic music study coarse during the summer of 1979 in Flagstaff Arizona (NAU). This meant I took an AKS Synthi home for 3 months and played musical battleship.

So from the beginning of my adventure into sound creation the studio was my main instrument, the original sound source was secondary. The desire to find the 'mystery' hidden inside any given sound, or set of sounds, was the goal. This is still true today.

Track 1 was recorded with Su Ling (voice and violin) in 1987 for the 'Dry Lungs III' compilation LP. Track 2 is an unreleased solo piece recorded in 1988. The balance of the album was recorded from 2009 to 2011. These tracks are all part of a series called 'The Morning Sound Report'.

The Morning Sound Report came about as a result of many things. First was the purchasing of a $400 laptop. I was pleasantly surprised at its power and was able to load my entire 'studio' into it. Over the last 10 years I have experimented with hundreds of music apps and with this new system I narrowed it down to a core base of essentials that offer a nearly limitless set of possibilities.

The way I have always worked is to setup a complex chain of sound creators and sound modifiers, press buttons and see what evolves. For the past 4 years I have used Plouge's Bidual as my host program. This is a modular system that can chain any amount of instruments and effects together with as many mixers as your computer can process until it crashes. To control all this I use a combination of external midi controllers and internal VST algorithmic midi pattern generators.

With this setup I started The Morning Sound Report series. Quite simply these are tracks that were usually made in the early morning hours (before going to work) from start to finish. Then I would post them online. Some tracks spanned a few days and had overdubs added in a multitracking program, most are a single live recording. This process has been very liberating as I usually spend months or years piecing together an album. With The Morning Sound Report the entire process turned into a few hours.

I am thankful to Tristan for bringing this album to fruition and I hope you enjoy the results. "

wdo September 2012


released September 23, 2012




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nostalgie de la boue Abidjan, Cote D'ivoire

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